Our Campus: Rowan University Through the Eyes of Her Campus

Hi everybody.

This week what I had originally planned to write fell through at the last minute, but what I found while browsing the web was Her Campus: Rowan University segment. This is actually a blog run throughout the country at various colleges ranging from Aberdeen, to Cal Poly, to Fordham, to Northwestern, to simply name a few. Each part of the site is run by a person from that campus, and Rowan’s campus spokesperson is Sammi Caramela. Caramela writes the main posts on Rowan’s blog, as well as some of her own poetry that she publishes on the site. It is a basic look at Rowan’s campus, and it has a student of the week each week, a post about homecoming banners, as well as inspirational articles that will simply help you get through the day.

Photo by Jason Howie, courtesy of Flickr.
Photo by Jason Howie, courtesy of Flickr.

The main site of Her Campus has trending topics, such as feminism, and if you click on the tag, it brings up interesting articles throughout the web that have been published regarding feminism.

My apologies for the short, rather abrupt post. I hope I gave you all another informative website to keep you occupied for a while!

Until next time!


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