Dr. Amy Hoch on Feminism & Sexual Assault Awareness at Rowan University

Dr. Amy Hoch, a psychologist and counselor here at Rowan University, specializes in trauma and sexual assault victims. Her take on workplace discrimination, women psychologists, and what we, as a school and as basic humans, can do to bring more attention to sexual assault is something to consider if you aim to be a better human being, in general, or if you (hopefully never) find yourself in a situation that you are not comfortable with, or that is dangerous.

Hoch, the advisor to the Help Hotline, and co-chair on the Sexual Violence Prevention Program,  recently spoke in an article published on Nj.com regarding sexual assault treatment on campus. She claims Rowan is a step ahead of other schools pertaining to the treatment of sexual assault victims, but there is still a lot more to be done.

Hoch speaks briefly on RU Man Action Network, a recently founded organization at Rowan University that allows men to express their feelings regarding anything, really, but their recent panel was more or less focused on men taking action against domestic violence and sexual assault. RU Man Action Network is definitely something more people should know about.

She also foreshadows events that will be held in April at Rowan, because April is sexual assault awareness month.




One thought on “Dr. Amy Hoch on Feminism & Sexual Assault Awareness at Rowan University

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