Finally Farewell: My Favorite Posts & What I’ve Learned

Hello again,

While I have thoroughly enjoyed writing on this subject, and while I may still dabble in posts for this blog, I’m afraid the subject will not be a strictly feminist blog. I am a feminist, though, so there will most certainly be posts about/relating to feminism!

I have learned the importance of time management, and that there are really incredible stories, and immensely interesting people wherever you may be. All you have to do is look.

My favorite post would have to be my last post with Evan Roskos and Dana Harrison of Rowan University. I had so much fun discussing feminist theory and how that pertains to literature and everyday life!

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dr. Amy Hoch’s opinions on sexual assault and feminism in psychology, as well!

My picture post was interesting to me. While it was not on a normal day, it was fun watching The Bacchae reinvented, and how the crowd reacted to the gender switches between males and females.

I enjoyed talking to my old friend, Dana D’Angelo, about her hockey experience at Rowan.

One of the first posts I wrote really put me in the mindset to approach this topic fearlessly, and that was “Do You Consider Yourself a Feminist?”

I hope you all enjoyed reading! Thank you.


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